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Lil Twin was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His southern roots give him a unique southern draw that you don't typically see from artist from North Carolina. Lil Twin musical background derives from his late Grandfather. Lil Twin music has a Pop Rap feel that relates to his real-life experiences. Lil Twin is currently gearing up to release his upcoming singles and visuals “Lights On” and “I-40”. Hype Off Life stated, “Lil Twin shares his story of hitting that I-40 highway to move on to bigger things. Presented through a trailer, Lil Twin can be seen hitting the streets and giving listeners what’s to come”. Underground Hip Hop Blog also commented, “Feeling as though the city is hard to make a living with all the hate and killing going on in Winston Salem, North Carolina based rapper Lil Twin drops his new single, I-40”. 

Lil Twin grew up on the south side of Winston Salem, North Carolina and barely escaped the everyday gang violence, criminal activity and poverty that every child in the area experienced. He turned to music and sports like every other kid at the time to escape the everyday turmoil. Lil Twin upbringing wasn’t different from the other kids around him; however, he kept his goals intact. Lil Twin released several singles with local artist from his area and even went on a ten-state tour with New York based rapper Craig Mack. Lil Twin carefully tells his story from his up bring through each song that he records. Rather he’s rapping about his struggle with his love life, financial circumstance or his childhood friends.

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